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Bakersfield Real Estate Investment Club is a BBB Accredited Club in Bakersfield, CA

beautifully designed to help you make money


Our program is beautifully designed to help you make money every month, simple to use and powerful. As a member of Bakersfield Investment Club you are putting your money to work for you, and taking the first step towards financial freedom. 

we believe investing should be easy


We believe investing should be easy. Normal people shouldn't have to dedicate 8 years of their life and pay a high cost to learn how to become a professional investor. Think of us as the rich uncle you never had or the one who actually wants to help you. 


we invest in real estate, notes, and businesses

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We invest in real estate, notes and businesses that historically don't pay less than 15%. We actually paid everyone 30% last year. There is no minimum, and we accept funds from any retirement account. 

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Watch the full video above. It will answer most of your questions, then request information using the button to the right and call us at (661) 847-9607 Monday through Friday between 9 am and 6 pm to schedule an appointment.

BIC offers many ways to create passive income or cash flow in increments as low as $10 on real estate and notes in regular accounts, your new Self Directed IRA or a solo 401k. We also help you compound your interest daily or monthly to make your portfolio grow about 1.45 times as fast averaged over 10 years. The average net annual return on notes is 23.7% including losses. Bakersfield real estate averaged 11-15% in instant equity, 11-21% in net cash flow, and 23-29% in appreciation. That's a 57% return on Bakersfield real estate in 2013. Overall, all the members made 33% in 2013 and 30% in 2014.
​BIC Real Estate Development Corporation buys the best income opportunities and makes it easy for members to actively participate by owning private stock in the corporation. No credit or income necessary, we will actually buy the properties for you, get the tenants, collect the rent, do the repairs, and take care of all of the hassles. You either receive a monthly check or allow your money to compound. BIC also pays out income in the form of qualified dividends, so you're only paying about 15% in taxes on non-retirement accounts. Statements are sent out on the 1st Wednesday of each month to show you how you're doing and you can even receive a monthly check. Use the debt snowball calculator to pay off your debt and achieve financial freedom.
Our Meetings are at 8800 Stockdale Hwy Suite 100 Bakersfield, CA 93311. The nearest cross street is Coffee Rd. We're right accross from CSUB. You're welcome to attend the meeting for free and bring as many people as you want. Please click on club meetings to see our meeting schedule.
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Welcome to Bakersfield Investment Club!

Investment Club

BIC is Committed to Helping You Make Money!

  • Create immediate cash flow of $100 to $10,000 per month in Bakersfield real estate & notes
  • Rollover your current 401k or IRA to a new Self Directed IRA to buy real estate and notes
  • Increase returns and become well diversified; company is fully insured against lawsuits and theft
  • Diversify your investments in real estate and notes with 100% liquidity and no penalties
  • Retire earlier and better than you ever expected with a historical return of no less than 15%
  • Make wise decisions with your money, teach your kids to invest, and pay off your debt!


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